Russian agricultural online platform “Golden Autumn”

Russian agricultural online platform “Golden Autumn” is a unified information and communication space of agro-industrial complex. Online platform was created to consolidate producers and consumers of goods and services of the agro-industrial complex in a single information online space.

Russian agricultural online platform “Golden Autumn”

  • Allows you to present product / service of your company profitably
  • Has constant access to a wide target audience
  • Has an expanded, constantly updating catalog of manufacturers and suppliers of the agribusiness sector
  • Allows platform members to communicate directly with each other
  • Has ample opportunities in finding business partners

Russian agricultural online platform “Golden Autumn” provides companies with excellent opportunity of presentation their activities to wide audience with not limit to specific territory.

Communication with business partners or visitors of the platform is carried out in real time through online chat with a simple and convenient interface. Users of online platform “Golden Autumn” always stay in touch with their business partners, investors and customers.

Visitors can familiarize online with manufacturers of their interests . A convenient search in the catalog of exhibitors will help you find a specific product or service quickly.

Profitable proposition! Registration on the online platform both as a participant and as a visitor is absolutely free.


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