RF Ministry of Agriculture  announces the “Golden Autumn” exhibition dates for 2017

The Russian agricultural exhibition “Golden Autumn”, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, will be held in Moscow on October 4 – 7, 2017. The country’s ultimate agricultural forum will traditionally take place at the VDNKh Exhibition Centre.

The organizers are working actively to finalize the program of the exhibition whose primary goal is to showcase and promote modern agricultural technologies, disseminate the most advanced agricultural experiences, as well as enable agricultural complex executives and officials to discuss relevant issues associated with ongoing growth and development of agricultural production.

Each year, the exhibition gains momentum as it strives to become one of the key industrial forums in Europe. Last year, the “Golden Autumn” exhibition occupied a total of 30,000 square metres comprised of two pavilions and a number of exterior VDNKh venues. Outstanding agricultural achievements were showcased by the exhibition participants representing 64 Russian regions and a number of foreign countries. In addition, over the course of four days, last year’s exhibition was visited by more than 300 thousand people: about 110 thousand of them came to see the expositions made available inside the pavilions, and about 200 thousand visitors enjoyed exterior expositions, including the Festival of National Cultures.

The organizers have pointed out that the exhibition has been drawing the attention of not only its visitors, but also its participants. For example, last year’s exhibition brought together more than 2500 participants, including representatives of foreign delegations, industry-specific mass media outlets, innovative start-ups and many others. In addition, “Golden Autumn-2016” managed to attract an unprecedented number of heads of regions: 24 governors personally took part in the exhibition events and proceedings.

“Golden Autumn” also invariably draws the attention of the existing and potential investors. At the opening ceremony of last year’s exhibition, the Chairman of the RF Government, Dmitry Medvedev, noted that the country’s agricultural complex today is a modern, technologically advanced and profitable production sector that has been showing a steady growth in the past several years. Agriculture is becoming one of the key drivers of Russia’s economic development.

For additional information, news and updates, please visit the exhibition’s official website at: www.goldenautumn.moscow.